Electric Fondue

The most common way to use an electric fondue pot is to melt cheese or chocolate for dipping, but it's also used to heat broth or oil for cooking meat. While you can certainly make fondue without a fondue maker, these warmers take away the fuss of making sure you're heating your food to the right temp without burning and maintaining the perfect level of melty-ness.

Electric fondue pots either have a heating element built into the base or are designed to sit on an electric burner. The advantage of an electric model is that it's easy to adjust the heat. The fondue pot set is better for cooking with oil or broth because they allow you to reach a high enough temperature. They also allow you to dial down the heat as the volume in the pot decreases, so you avoid scorching the pot. The electric fondue set for sale below is some popular hot-sale fondue at Linkfair.