Saute & Essential Pans

The sautepan is a piece of cookware that functions as a small, deep pot for cooking liquids on a stovetop. They are usually deeper than a standard sauté pan or frying pan but shallower than a stockpot. 

Linkfair non stick aluminum saute pan has a flat bottom and steep sides with straight edges like a pot, and a long handle like a pan. This user-friendly design makes our big capacity saute pan easy and comfortable to cook.

Linkfair is a professional saute & essential pans manufacturer and supplier in China, offering the dishwasher safe saute pan, easy food release saute pan, hard anodized saute pan, heavy gauge saute pan, impact bonded bottom saute pan, induction compatible saute pan, magnetic saute pan, oven safe saute pan, scratch resistant saute pan, etc.