Roasters & Roasting Pans

Linkfair roasting pan is the perfect homemade roast, helping you achieve restaurant-quality home roasts with superior heat retention. And the unique design of tri ply construction roasting pan features high walls and curved edges for perfect heat distribution.

The heavy gauge roasting pan is made of premium aluminum construction with firm welding, which can hold up to 20 lbs of food for your daily use. The heavy gauge roasting pan has two handles riveted firmly without falling for a secure grip. The brushed surface finish of the heavy gauge roasting pan gives excellent abrasion resistance, rounded heightening edge without rough spots can prevent sauce spills.

The heavy gauge roasting pan offers multi-surface cooking, which means you can use in your home oven or outside on the grill. The big capacity roaster by Linkfair uses only premium metals to deliver top-quality, professional-grade cookware to our customers.

Being a professional roasters & roasting pans manufacturer and supplier in China, we offer the dishwasher safe roaster, heavy gauge roaster, tri ply construction roaster, dishwasher safe roasting pan, heavy gauge roasting pan, and so on at favorable prices!