Linkfair Group Industrial Design Center was recognized as a national industrial design center

Linkfair Group Industrial Design Center was recognized as a national industrial design center

On December 13, 2019, the 2019 National Industrial Design Center Award Ceremony was held in International Conference Center in Wuhan. Industrial Design Center of Guangdong Linkfair Group Co., Ltd. was recognized as a national industrial design center and become the first national design center in China's stainless steel cookware industry.

The national industrial design center is recognized by Chinese ministry of industry and information as an enterprise industrial design center or industrial design enterprise with high innovation ability, distinctive features, standardized management, outstanding performance and advanced development level in the country. It represents the highest recognition of the comprehensive strength of the enterprise industrial design center by the state. This year, Chinese ministry of industry and information has approved 56 new state-level industrial design centers. In addition to Linkfair group, the approved industrial design centers also come from Huawei, Midea and other well-known Chinese enterprises.

Design innovation has always been one of the core development strategies of Linkfair group. Linkfair group attaches great importance to the design innovation and development. The comprehensive strength of industrial design center in Linkfair Group has been constantly upgraded and strengthened. Linkfair group has successively won the honorary titles of "Municipal Industrial Design Center", "Provincial Industrial Design Center", "National Workers Pioneer" and so on. In addition, self-designed products have more than 500 domestic and overseas authorized patents, and have won more than 30 authoritative design awards, such as "German Red Dot Design Award", "German iF Design Award", "the USA IDEA Award", "Taiwan Golden Pin Design Award", "China Excellent Industrial Design Award", "China Red Star Design Award", etc.

The Industrial Design Center of Linkfair Group won the honor of "National Brand". "National Brand " means that there is a certain mass base, a higher degree of popularity, and the masses of the hope of the brand, which is not only the highest Chinese recognition of Linkfair group design innovation strength, but also will improve the industrial design level and ability of Linkfair group.  

The title of national industrial design center is not only an honor, but also a responsibility and a mission to revitalize the national industry. In the future, Linkfair group will adhere to the strategy of innovation-driven development, continue to firmly grasp the opportunity of the development of innovation design, increasing of investment in the industrial design and innovation, make greater efforts for the strategic transformation of the stainless steel cookware industry from "Made in China" to "Created in China"