Linkfair’s Versatile portable pot, won the 2021 American International Design Excellence Award (IDEA) Bronze Award

Linkfair’s Versatile portable pot, won the 2021 American International Design Excellence Award (IDEA) Bronze Award

2021 marks the 41st anniversary of the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA), one of the oldest and most prestigious Design Awards in existence. Originally designed to recognize excellence in the field of industrial design, the program has since expanded to include design in many related disciplines, including design strategy, branding, digital interaction, and so on. Each year, thousands of entries are submitted by design teams around the globe, making IDEA one of the largest and most anticipated annual awards programs in the world. One of Linkfair Group's independent innovative design works -- Versatile portable pot, won the 2021 American IDEA Design Award bronze Award.

The volume of this multi-functional portable pot is 1L, which can be stored as a nesting doll and occupies little space. The temperature is controlled by toggle, and can switched global voltage for use. In addition, it can be heated under the global universal 700W/220V or 700W/110V. What’s more, the pot and lid can be changed at any time to meet different cooking needs.

This pot has a one-piece heating plate and can use 700W high power. Its heating area is larger, so the heating will be more uniform and fast, making cooking faster and time saving.

The inside of the frying pan is sprayed with ceramic glaze, the outside is sprayed with high temperature paint, and the bottom is designed with horizontal lines to prevent sticking. The double guarantee brings high quality food and drink.Ceramic glazes is harder, and it is less burnt when cooked, and less likely to stick to food. It can be cooked with only a small amount of oil, and very little lampblack is produced. When cleaning, only a flush of water can wash it clean.

This versatile portable pot relieves everyday cooking chores. It can be used for boiling, frying, steaming, roasting, sauting, roasting, etc. Combining so many functions in one device can simplify the cooking act. As the living space dwindles over time, it becomes more convenient. It's also ideal for picnics or trips because it doesn't take up much space, and it's easy to use and clean.