Take efforts in epidemic prevention and resume production with full strength

Take efforts in epidemic prevention and resume production with full strength

Under COVID-19 in March, the resumption work of Linkfair group is in process under the direction of " take efforts in epidemic prevention and resume production with full strength"

In the morning, you can see our staff cooperate with a series of epidemic prevention inspection, such as showing their work card, taking temperature, hand washing disinfection and so on when entering Xincheng Factory. In the workshop, all kinds of mechanical equipment are running continuously, each automatic production line is running in an orderly manner, the forklift trucks carrying goods are shuttering back and forth, and the workers wearing masks are busy at their stations, which shows the instructions of " not only taking efforts in epidemic prevention, but also resuming production with full strength".  

Only when the epidemic prevention is doing well, the resumption of production will proceed in good order.

"Since the outbreak of COVID-19, our factory has strictly followed the epidemic prevention requirements, and made arrangements for the epidemic prevention and resumption of production with some special circumstances. Before resuming work, we arranged for workers to resume work in batches and stored up epidemic prevention materials as required. After resuming work, we strictly implemented prevention measures, such as shifting to work, taking workers’ temperature, wearing masks, sharing meals, cleaning and disinfection, etc. In addition, we also set up a prevention inspection team to supervise and inspect the implementation of the prevention measures in the factory area. The inspection is conducted once an hour and we have not stopped a series of epidemic prevention work since the beginning of the year. The resumption rate of our factory has increased from the initial 30% to about 90%, and the production capacity has also returned to about 80%." Ye Peng, Deputy Manager of Administration Department, said.

“Thoughtful, Warm, Grateful”, this sentence from the moments of WeChat expresses the heart of employees. After resuming work, employees found that the faucet in the bathroom was replaced with an induction type, and the office air conditioner and light switch were equipped with disposable paper towels. Also, the floor mats full of disinfectant water. When off duty, the cleaner disinfects and scrubs the keyboard, mouse, desktop, etc. Even the outdoor meeting room is ready. Only the epidemic prevention work is carried out effectively, and the staff can return to work at ease.

Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus outbreak, Linkfair group has attached great importance to the epidemic prevention and control work in strict accordance with the government's epidemic prevention and control measures, so as to ensure the safe resumption of work of employees and lay a foundation for production.

Strengthen confidence, take the initiative and turn crisis into opportunity

With sufficient epidemic prevention protection, employees will feel at ease when returning to work. Although affected by 2019-nCoV, the operation is facing some challenges, the employees facing difficulties and seeking opportunities to devote themselves to the work after the resumption of work.

"We have a project and the customer did not request trial production, but considering that this is our new and important customer project, also in order to be able to maximize efficiency in the subsequent large-scale production, we conducted trial production of this project and solved the problems when the current production is not so tight, so that large-scale production will be more efficient. "Said Guohong Chen, deputy manager of the technical department of Xincheng Factory“.

"We started to coordinate materials with our suppliers during the Spring Festival holidayBefore resuming work, we promptly provided the production status of out-of-stock materials to the factory for production plan adjustment. Meanwhile, we try our best to help the suppliers restore capacity as soon as possible. For example, sign a strategic agreement with suppliers to prompt them to recruit more workers, search for mask procurement channels together with them. Apart from that, we are also trying to find other alternative resources, such as the original supply of aluminum alloy from outside the province to the manufacturers in the province, and now our supplier capacity has recovered to more than 85 percent." deputy manager of the production department Xinglian Ye said.

During the epidemic, not only did the factory and service support department do everything possible to ensure the resumption of production, but our sales department also try their bust to find opportunities. Since the beginning of the year, the regional sales teams of the Linkfair Group have been searching for any opportunities in multiple channels and all directions. The domestic sales team established a WeChat welfare community, transferred offline stores to WeChat group sales, and strengthened online channel sales such as live marketing and community group purchases; and the overseas sales team did their best to do a good job in explaining the delivery delay of each customer. At the same time accelerated the development progress of various projects, and tried to lock up various customer orders. It is understood that the company's current order intake has increased by 20% compared with the same period last year, which has greatly increased the confidence of Linkfair's sales team and can't stop moving forward!

Linkfair Group actively implements the work of "preventing epidemic, resuming production simultaneously ", prompting the company's production and operation to accelerate to the right track. It is understood that the resumption rate has reached 90%, and production capacity has returned to about 80%. Linkfair group has successfully produced and shipped 92 containers at the end of February. Although the orders in February and March have been pushed back, it is expected to catch up with the normal delivery in April. The impact of the epidemic on production is gradually narrowing, and the normal production and operation will be restored soon.

We believe that as long as we stay confident, act and seek opportunities actively in this crisis, we can take off the mask and breathe the fresh air soon. Only we are all in together could manage us to bridge over the difficulties. We firmly believe that we will gain more hope for a better life and confidence in winning the battle against difficulties after this crisis.